Key Card Application
  1. Key Cards are for Island Properties ONLY
  2. Only 2 Key Cards will be issued per property
  3. Owners with multiple properties will receive ONLY 2 Key Cards

Contact Information
Enter your contact information here.

Physical Address
Enter your Surf City physical address information. (You can enter more than one)
You must add at least one physical address to this application form. If you own multiple properties on the island please add them here.

Mail Address
Enter your mailing address information.

Additional Notes?
You can include some additional notes here that may be useful as we fullfill your request. This is not required.

You indicate that you have lost your Key card. In the event that you locate your card in the future, either return it to Town Hall or destroy it as it will be deactivated in our systems and will not be accepted at time of re-entry.

Physical Address
Enter your Surf City physical address information and press the ADD ADDRESS button to continue.

Listed on your Utility Bill (i.e. 1234-5)

Your utility bill also lists your PIN number


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